Gladys Paquin Laguna Pueblo Indian Pottery

Pottery making had almost died at Laguna Pueblo in the 1950s and 1960. Gladys Paquin was born at Laguna Pueblo to a father who was Zuni and a mother who was Laguna. She was however, raised at Santa Ana Pueblo which is where she received the name “Sratyu’we” that she uses to sign her pots. She says that the name has no translation to English. She lived in California for 27 years before moving back to Laguna Pueblo.

In 1980 Gladys began potting and now focuses on very traditional Laguna designs although she will sometimes make pots combining both Zuni and Laguna elements. She uses books and museum collections for research and inspiration in older Laguna pottery.

Presently she is probably the foremost traditional Laguna potter. Sadly, her productivity has declined in recent years due to burnout and fatigue. Her son, Andrew Padilla, is a very talented potter in a very contemperary style in contrast to his mother.

She is mentioned prominently in ” Talking with the Clay” and “Acoma and Laguna Pottery.”She has been honored many times at Santa Fe Indian Market includingspecial awards in Traditional Pottery.

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