Candelaria Suazo Santa Clara Pueblo Indian Pottery

The following is a statement from Candelaria herself:
I am a full blooded Indian from the pueblos of Santa Clara and San Juan. I was inspired to begin making pottery by my mother, Santanita Suazo and her sisters: Margie Naranjo, the late Martha Huangooah, Mae Tapia and Shirley Duran. My relatives Dolores Curran and Geri Naranjo also had a great influence on my work.

I have been making pottery for the past 14 years(2001) and specialize in sgrafitto two-tone styles. I get my clay in the pueblo of Santa Clara and hand coil all my pots. Once the pots are dried I hand polish each one with a polishing stone and red slip. The pot is then fired outdoors in a traditional firing pit using “cow patties” and horse manure.

I enjoy making pottery because I want to keep up the traditional art of pottery making that the pueblo of Santa Clara is known for. I exhibit at the Eight Northern Pueblos Show and have won several ribbons for first, second and third places.