Andrew Padilla Laguna Pueblo Indian Pottery

Andrew Padilla is the son of noted Laguna potter Gladys Paquin. While Gladys works almost exclusively in older Laguna designs, Andrew’s pottery is most contemperary, yet made by traditional Laguna methods.

He is best known for his striking white melon pots. The ribs of his pots are pushed out from the inside, in the old style of Helen Shupla, famed and deceased Santa Clara potter. This method is much more labor intensive than the most commonly seen style which involves carving the ribs into the clay body of the pot.

Andrew took First Place at the Heard Museum show in March 1993 and his pottery has been featured in several magazines. When Laguna Pueblo opened its first casino in early 2000 Andrew took a job as a craps dealer and presently makes very little pottery. .